Journey To the Center of the Earth

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Journey To the Center of the Earth

An exciting adventure based on the classic Jules Verne novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” Journey to the Center of the Earth stars Brendan Fraser (Crash, The Mummy) as a science professor whose untraditional hypotheses have made him the laughing stock of the academic community. But on an expedition in Iceland, he and his nephew stumble upon a major discovery that launches them on a thrilling journey deep beneath the Earth’s surface, where they travel through never-before-seen worlds and encounter a variety of unusual creatures. Journey to the Center of the Earth is directed by Academy Award-winning visual effects veteran Eric Brevig (Total Recall, Pearl Harbor) from a screenplay by Michael Weiss and Jennifer Flackett & Mark Levin. The film is a co-venture between New Line Cinema and Walden Media.

쥘 베른의 원작을 바탕으로 판타지 히어로 '브렌든 프레이저'가 다시 한번 모험에 도전한다.
이번엔 지구 속(!)이다.
뉴라인시네마와 제작진의 네임밸류 만으로도 CG완성도는 수준급일게 분명..하지만,
문제는 얼마나 각색을 잘했느냐겠지..
최근 경향인것 같은 '속빈 강정' 판타지는 이제 그만!! 6월 중순 개봉이다. 물론 국내개봉도 하겠지?

퀵타임플레이어가 필요합니다.
QuickTime 7 Required 

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