The Legend of Pale Male
Director : Frederic Lilien
Run Time : 85 minutes

This is the true account of one of the most surprising and remarkable love stories in the history of New York. It begins in 1993, when a young man from Belgium looking to change his life has an unexpected encounter in Central Park. He meets a hawk. Not just any hawk, but a wild Redtail, a fierce predator that has not lived in the City for almost a hundred years. Compelled to follow this extraordinary creature, he buys a video camera and sets out to track the hawk. Little does he know that the journey will take him almost twenty years and lead him down many trails of life, death, birth, hope, and redemption. Affectionately known to New Yorkers as Pale Male, the hawk becomes a magnificent obsession and a metaphor for triumph against all odds. His nest, perched on a posh 5th Avenue co-op, starts out as a novel curiosity to a handful of avid birdwatchers but becomes an international tourist destination - a place of pilgrimage. Then, on a December afternoon without warning, in the space of half an hour, the building dismantles Pale Male's beloved nest. In a wingbeat, media from around the world assemble on 5th Avenue to cover the unprecedented protest. Gathering behind Pale Male is an army of birdwatchers, movie stars, poets, children, dogs, and late night comedy show hosts. What unfolds next, as they say, could only happen in New York.

고화질 예고편 보러 가기(애플)

제목 : 더 시크릿

오프라 윈프리 쇼에서 방영되었던 '유인력'에 관한 다큐멘터리 입니다.
유인력? 저도 처음에는 무슨 말인가 싶었는데요...
다른게 아니라,사람을 끌어당기는 힘이라고 합니다.정확하게 말하면,
사람이 끌어당기는 힘이라고 하네요.그 힘(?)에 관한 다큐멘터리입니다.
사람이 갖고 있는 알 수 없는 힘.그 힘은 바로 생각이라고 합니다.
피그말리온 효과라고도 불리죠? 사람이 갖고 있는 그 무한한 힘을 추적하는 작품입니다.

모두가 함께 보고 공감할 수 있는 좋은 다큐멘터리인 것 같습니다.
유익한 감상 되셨으면 좋겠네요.^^

더 씨크릿 (DVD) 1부 (상)

더 씨크릿 (DVD) 1부 (하)

(DVD에 출연한 사람들과 대화)

더 씨크릿 (오프라 원프리 쇼 1. 2007년 2월 10일)

더 씨크릿 (오프라 원프리 쇼 2.  2007년 2월 16일)

더 씨크릿 (비하인드 스토리... 밥프록터의 강의)

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